The purpose of sandscreening is to abrade the floor to prepare it before applying a coat of polyurethane.  Urethane will only adhere to a sanded surface.  A newly coated floor will add years of protection to the floor.  This method will remove fine scratches in the urethane; we recommend this method for any 'finish on site' floors every 3-5 years depending on traffic to prolong the beauty of the hardwoods.

Hardwood Floor refinishing is performed when floors cannot be made to look great with sandscreening or cleaning & polishing.  For example high traffic areas will normally have their urethane finish worn down and the foor has turned gray or black from dampness.  Other issues could be pet spots, water damage, or deep scratches.  When refinishing wood stain can be applied for a custom color to match another room or design reason.

LJ Cress Associates can clean floors from 100s to 30,000+ square feet.  Typically commercial applications will have carpeting or vinyl composite tile; however we can service many other commercial flooring surfaces. Those floors can only look their best with regular cleaning and maintenance.  The regularity of our services can range from weekly to yearly to make sure your floors look their best.


Our commercial clients receive regular compliments on how well maintanted their floors are.  Well maintaned and clean floors leave a great impression with your clients and keep them coming back. Having a clean space shows your clients that you care about them and your business.

A few of the benefits of cleaning and polishing vs a full refinish are: less downtime, saves old finish if it just needs a shine, whole house can be completed in the same day, furniture can be put right back when done.  Other benefits also include inexpensive way to make them look new, allow you to move in quicker or when putting the house up for sale.

Many of our clients throughout the years are either repeat customers or word of mouth recommendations.  Besides the usual cleaning schedule you might want to have your floors cleaned before or after parties, or relatives, holidays, cleanup for sale or total resoration and possibly a big spring cleaning.  How about having your deck powerwashed before the BBQ or outdoor party?  Having your deck power washed and sealed will remove all the dirt, grime and fungus or mildew growing on it, making it look almost new!

Carpet Cleaning in most homes should be performed on a yearly basis.  The best way to keep your carpets from being discolored over time is regular cleaning; and doing so before they 'look' dirty.

Appearance -You won't feel embarrassed if guests stop by. 

Health - carpet cleaning removes dust, allergens, germs, pet dander, and odor leaving your indoor environment and air clean, fresh and healthy.

Investment - Restore, extend and refresh your expensive carpet. Carpet that is well taken care of will last much longer.

Warranty - Your carpet comes with a manufacturer's warranty which requires the hiring of a professional carpet cleaning company for regular maintenance.

Powerwashing your deck, patio, pool surround or walkway is a great way to give you home that added feeling of cleanliness.  Some pool surrounds are concrete, flagstone, or slate and all of them need to be cleaned on a regular basis.  Decks can be composite or Trex, or one of many hardwood decking materials.  All decks suffer from the same grime and will look much better for your BBQ or party when clean and sealed.


Decks and hardwood surfaces can have toners, solid colors or semi transparent stains added for a different look.  Sealers last years and will protect your investment from the damaging effects water & snow.