The purpose of sandscreening is to abrade the floor to prepare it before applying a coat of polyurethane.  Urethane will only adhere to a sanded surface.  A newly coated floor will add years of protection to the floor.  This method will remove fine scratches in the urethane; we recommend this method for any 'finish on site' floors every 3-5 years depending on traffic to prolong the beauty of the hardwoods.

A few of the benefits of cleaning and polishing vs a full refinish are: less downtime, saves old finish if it just needs a shine, whole house can be completed in the same day, furniture can be put right back when done.  Other benefits also include inexpensive way to make them look new, allow you to move in quicker or when putting the house up for sale.

Hardwood Floor refinishing is performed when floors cannot be made to look great with sandscreening or cleaning & polishing.  For example high traffic areas will normally have their urethane finish worn down and the foor has turned gray or black from dampness.  Other issues could be pet spots, water damage, or deep scratches.  When refinishing wood stain can be applied for a custom color to match another room or design reason.