Hardwood Floor refinishing is performed when floors cannot be made to look great with sandscreening or cleaning & polishing.  For example high traffic areas will normally have their urethane finish worn down and the foor has turned gray or black from dampness.  Other issues could be pet spots, water damage, or deep scratches.  When refinishing wood stain can be applied for a custom color to match another room or design reason.

Hardwood Floor RefinishingRefinishing services we offer


  1. Refinishing of hard and soft woods
  2. Refinishing stairs and railings
  3. Installation and finishing of unfinished floors
  4. Sandscreening and polyurethaning
  5. Installation of moldings/quarter-rounds
  6. Repairs
  7. Custom staining
  8. Rug removal

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Procedure


The following information is to serve as general information and a description of services that may be performed in a normal hardwood floor refinishing project. Services may vary according to the type of urethane required or if a stain is desired.


  1. Preparation: Complete sealing of rooms, cabinets, bookshelves and electronics with plastic.
  2. Floors are first sanded down to raw wood – 1/32 of an inch of surface wood will be removed.
  3. Holes and nooks are filled in with wood filler.
    1. Please note: Some cracks may not be able to be filled because the filler will break out. (General rule of thumb – If we can correct the problem without creating another issue, we will repair it.)
  4. The floor is then sanded twice more with two differing grades of sand paper to achieve a flat surface.
  5. Following this, the floor is sandscreened to achieve a smooth surface.
  6. Next, we will coat the floor with two coats of the selected stain, allowing the appropriate drying time inbetween coats.
  7. Staining is followed up with a dry buffing to assure an even appearance.
  8. Finally, the floor is coated with polyurethane.  Between each coat of polyurethane we will re-sand the floor to assure a long lasting finish that adheres to your floors for years.
    1. Additional information on polyurethane: The number of coats of polyurethane we use depends on your selection of the type and base of the polyurethane (i.e. oil-based or water-based). The standard oil-based technique is to use 2 coats of urethane if stain was applied; 3 coats without.
    2. Cleanup: Includes complete cleanup and dust removal from all areas serviced.

Please be aware: In the sanding & staining process, some areas that meet the flooring may become scuffed and require touch-up painting upon completion of our services. These areas include step risers, spindles, stringers, baseboards, doorjambs and bottoms of cabinets.  There is an additional charge for this service.


**In 1950's and 60's top-nailed floors, nails may be visible.  Dark areas in the wood surrounding nails may be visible & appear as small black spots.

*No refinishing job is 100% dust-free; however, we do guarantee complete dustcontainment to the rooms and areas which we service.*