Carpet Cleaning in most homes should be performed on a yearly basis.  The best way to keep your carpets from being discolored over time is regular cleaning; and doing so before they 'look' dirty.

Appearance -You won't feel embarrassed if guests stop by. 

Health - carpet cleaning removes dust, allergens, germs, pet dander, and odor leaving your indoor environment and air clean, fresh and healthy.

Investment - Restore, extend and refresh your expensive carpet. Carpet that is well taken care of will last much longer.

Warranty - Your carpet comes with a manufacturer's warranty which requires the hiring of a professional carpet cleaning company for regular maintenance.


*We service all types of carpets, both commercial and residential*



The L.J. Cress Method:


Step 1: Dry Soil Extraction- Detailed Vacuuming with special attention to the edges

Step 2: Pre-spot treatment – each spot and stain is treated specifically according to its type with spot-removing chemicals designed to break it up and prepare it for cleaning; also, pet smells and stains are deodorized and treated

Step 3: Dry foam cleaning for mildly to heavily soiled carpets – the floor is scrubbed with shampoo foam, loosening ground-in dirt all the way down to the backing;

OR a pre-spray treatment with soil lifter for lightly soiled areas

Step 4: Steam cleaning – our professional steam cleaning equipment will flush out deep soil residues and extract all the water from your carpet, leaving it thoroughly clean and good as new




Service areas that we offer:


1.  Dry foam and extraction

2.  Steam cleaning

3.  Deodorizing

4.  Spot cleaning

5.  Upholstery cleaning

6.  Scotch-guarding

7.  Furniture removal/replacement – we will move most furniture; however; light and/or breakable pieces should be removed by the homeowner prior to our visit.  If there is an excessive amount of furniture (as determined by L.J. Cress Assoc.), there may be an additional charge.